Support for the Bereaved

First of all, we wish you “Ad me’ah ve’esrim”.

There is good reason that an onen is exempt from observing most positive mitzvoth, as he or she is preoccupied with tending to the deceased until the funeral. It is for this purpose that our Kehilla maintains an Avelut Committee – to lend you an ear, and otherwise assist you as you deal with the death of a family member, and all that follows, halachically and legally.

Please don’t hesitate to call on one of us at any time of day or night.

Mordy Kehat: 054-487-2292,

If you do seek us out, we suggest that until you get us you avail yourself of the information provided here on the Itim website, and that you begin thinking and deciding on where and when you wish to conduct the funeral; the character of the funeral (who will speak?); the place you’ll sit shiv’a; tefillah hours; visitation hours and mid-day rest hours. It is important that the Kehillah and your other acquaintances be informed of most of this information as soon as possible.

Additionally, you are invited to look through the few resources we have linked to here – a synopsis of halachot for the onen and avel, an essay about halachic organ donation, and some explanatory notes about the kaddish.

Mishamayim tenuchamu – May you be comforted from on high.