Eve of 9th

Eve of 9th of Av  (postponed), Saturday night
7:29 PM-  fast begins
8:02 PM- Motzai Shabat, say ‘Ha’Mavdil’ without a bracha, remove leather shoes, when seeing the candle, say “boreh me’orei ha’esh”
8:22PM- Ma’ariv, Eicha and Kinot.
‘Destruction and Redemption’-a tour to Mt Zion leda by Efrat Campangiano. we will meet half an hour after services at Zion gate.9th of av 14.8 Sunday:
8:30 AM- Shaharit
6:45 PM – Mincha
The Grieving Mother of Zion- Images of Jerusalem in the Midrash – Renana Ravitsky Pilzer.
7:52 PM – end of fast, Havdalah on cup of wine, Ha-Gefen and Hamavdil without Besamim and candle.


Friday Night Summer Tefilot

Friday Night Summer Tefilot 
We’ve reviewed the questionnaire and decided to compromise and begin Friday night tefilot at candle-lighting time during the summer months.
This Shabbat tefilot will be held at 07:13 pm. Thanks to all who responded to the questionnaire.

We ask all members to please make the effort to come to tefilot on Friday night so that we can have a meaningful shabbat with the kehilah.